Equity – Generating sustainable change

On 28 May, RIMS was delighted to host 4 key speakers sharing their insights on equity.

Recognising diversity of need in health provision

Margie Apa, Chief Executive of Counties Manakau DHB, spoke about the changing approach to delivering health services to help our most vulnerable communities.  CMDHB has 600,000 ‘customers’ over a third of whom are in the poorest economic groups. Treating families holistically rather than dealing with individual needs is more expensive, but has hugely positive benefits. In closing, she challenged us to:

  • Challenge ourselves on our own diversity of thought
  • Consider how self-aware we are regarding our impact on others
  • Identify who is missing out on what we each can offer to extend or improve life.
Maori and Pasifika business creating new contracting options

Ariana Paul GM of ‘Amotai’  works with Maori and Pasifika businesses to enable them to be realistic contracting options. Unfortunately, these business are often small, and competing against very large businesses. However, these organisations have amazing sustainability and community credentials. These businesses need to be given the opportunity to shine. Ariana asked us to recognise the skills that they bring.  Moreover, we must open the door for them to deliver amazing products and services and this will enrich us all.

Creating diversity throughout a department

A government departmental perspective was provided by Richard Griffith, head of people and culture at MBIE.  The department has over 6000 staff representing the breadth of people across Aotearoa. However, vertically there is a distinct lack of progression of people from different cultures, LGBTQA, and those with disabilities.  Richard explained how MBIE is tackling this inequitable situation. He described the Work underway to create a truly diverse workforce at every level. The team is challenging assumptions and expectations and supporting mutual understanding and welcoming diversity.

Changing Employment practices for good

Finally, we were honoured to welcome the Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner, Saunoamaali’i Karanina Sumeo. Commissioner Sumeo challenged us to look inwards at what we are doing to support and champion diversity in our own workplaces. She encouraged us to change recruitment practices that create barriers. In conclusion, Commissioner Sumeo closed our korero by asking us all to keep the conversation going, because the way to generate diversity is to welcome it.

Our LinkedIn page has a little more on our speakers. In addition, we’d love to hear your ideas on diversity and risk, and what you and your place of business are doing to make Aotearoa more equitable.    


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