Conduct and Culture

A fantastic session on culture and conduct at the RIMS NZ&PI risk roundtable on 30 October with over 70 attendees. A huge thank you to speakers Malcolm Crotty, Dan Jones, Jane Arnott, David Clay and Stephen Walsh, for such insightful and informative discussions.

As societal and customer expectations continue to evolve, trust and reputation will become ever more pivotal in determining whether customers choose to interact with us. If culture is the mechanism that delivers the values and behaviours that influence and shape conduct, then culture is something we should all care deeply about. Today’s session covered everything from examining a live case study in relation to cultural failings and the remedial pathway; building ethics into “compliance”; determining, measuring and monitoring good customer outcomes; and the changing discussions in the boardroom as a result of the duty of care to employees, customers and society, that organisations are increasingly having to factor into, and demonstrate, in their strategic decision making. We must be proactive in our management of culture and conduct, recognising that we no longer have the option to do otherwise. Our social licence to operate will depend on it.

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