RIMS NZ & PI Diversity in Risk launch in Wellington

Fabulous session on unconscious bias and its impact on D&I at the launch of RIMS NZ and PI Chapter’s Diversity in Risk Programme in Wellington last week. A massive thank you to the amazing Wayne Goodman for facilitating, and to our wonderful panel Fiona Michel FCPHR FCIPD, Chris Lokum GAICD, Jane Taylor and Darren Evans, for sharing their wisdom and insight. Thanks also to Rachael Pettigrew and KPMG for hosting. Lots of important and valuable takeaways, as we’re all reminded that the starting point is with ourselves. As risk professionals we know our business, our people, and we make informed decisions. The question is - do we really know all the underlying factors that influence our thinking and decision making? Unconscious bias is key. Let’s continue to seek to understand this, and to constantly challenge ourselves and those around us. Auckland peeps - will be bringing this session to you in the coming months, so stay tuned....

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