End of Year event 2022

Fabulous to share the final RIMS NZ and PI Chapter event of the year at Captain’s Lounge at Orams Marine. Amazing food from Free Range Chef.

Special thanks to Sarah Baddeley of MartinJenkins (Labour market risk), Lance Burdett of WARN International Limited (Rising levels of anger and how you can mitigate the impact for your team and self) and Stephen McIvor TV Sportscaster (How to influence through effective communication) for their time and pearls of wisdom.

Some key take aways:

– 67% of directors say labour market is their top risk currently – you need to influence directors to think about workforce requirements with a 2–5-year timeframe
– Think about the push and pull factors related to labour – which ones affect your business
– Reflect on your sub-contractors – are they dependent on you AND you on them – NOT only from a financial perspective from a workforce perspective
– When analysing aspects of your workforce ensure that this is evidence based – ensure this is free of your biases and perceptions
– Check your wage assumptions in your financial forecasts

RIMS Presentation – Labour Market Risk

– Violence is up 30% and is expected to stay at this level for the next 3-4 years
– This will impact you, your teams and your customers
– Sleep is critical
– Empower and train staff to manage and de-escalate aggression

RIMS – Lance Burdett

– People don’t leave because they dislike their job, they leave because their managers don’t listen to them
– Think about how you communicate with others (eyes, ears, mouth)


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