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President’s Newsletter: Closing Out 2021

Time to say good-bye to 2021…



As we all give a sigh of relief and countdown the days until Christmas, New Years and hopefully some time out, it’s a good time to reflect on the year that was. Who could’ve thought when the pandemic began that more than 18 months later we would still be in the thick of it.

Wishing you and your whānau a blessed Christmas filled with love and happiness. Hope you are able to take time out. Be safe!

Reflections of 2021


We have continued our theme of Connection | Content | Community during 2021. A focus of connecting the risk and insurance community through great content and events (albeit mostly online) and giving back to the community through ALL this content being free and accessible. This will continue into 2022!

Find some highlights from the last three months. Links to recordings included below.

Rising Risk Professionals

We started Rising Risk Professionals this year – a training programme supported by KPMG, with the intention of providing training for individuals in the early stages of their career. Due to popular demand, we started two classes of 25 participants each. We’ve received positive feedback from the participants… Special thanks to Charlotte and Tanvi from KPMG for supporting this programme. Five more sessions to go in 2022… If you are part of the programme, you can access the content and additional reading hereNoting that this content is restricted to participants.

See participant feedback below.

The course has been an incredibly useful way of enhancing my risk techniques and knowledge. Every week the concepts are worked through in understandable terms, with some highly impressive speakers sharing their own journey or experience of working in risk management. The training has already given way to a number of ideas to enhance our risk maturity level.’

‘As someone who is relatively new to the risk field, but is formally legally trained, I’ve found the course extremely helpful. Whilst legal training helped with the ‘risk thinking’ the key terms, and risk management processes were a mystery to me. This course has demystified some of these key areas and helped me identify gaps where I can add value to our organisation.’

‘A great balance between theory and practical hands-on learnings and real-life examples. The information reflects current thinking and innovation and the discussions and workshops are well put together and engaging. I will recommend my fellow risk managers to attend this course for sure.’

‘The Rising Risk Professionals workshop provides some great fundamentals for risk management concepts. Thoroughly appreciate the time and effort involved in putting this together. The facilitators’ passion for risk management is inspiring, infectious even, and that goes a long way in helping to build the capability of the attendees.’

‘Rising Risk Professionals course is perfect for anyone wanting to start (or have just started) their career in risk management space. Four sessions have run so far and a wide range of subjects covered by experts in the field. It is an absolute pleasure to listen to some of the best risk management conversations during the training. Personally, I have learned a lot through these sessions and look forward to the remaining sessions.’

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Clarity, Strategy and Results

RIMS NZ & PI Chapter are pleased to partner with Kathryn Sandford of M2M (Move to More) to develop three workshops to help individuals thinks about their careers, develop their brand, set up goals and think strategically about results.

These workshops are aimed at supporting a diverse range of individuals into the risk profession – be the very best you can be!

What does personal growth mean to me and how can I start the process?
To access the video content click here
Access Passcode 4^y8kgGQ

Create an action plan to leverage your strengths, define your objectives, and create a pathway to professional and personal success

DATE: Wednesday 16 February 2022
TIME: 10am – 12pm
TO REGISTER: Click here

Understand your professional and personal ‘landscape’

DATE: Wednesday 16 March 2022
TIME: 10am – 12pm
TO REGISTER: Click here

A Series of Conversations…

A series of conversations…. starting with cyber

RIMS NZ and PI Chapter and Marsh Australia and New Zealand invited you to enjoy a virtual conversation between Jono Soo and Joseph Fitzgerald about developments and challenges in the world of cyber including recent incidents that have been in the media, what is on the horizon and key areas of focus for NZ businesses.

To access the recording click here
Access Passcode: R&rJX+1Y


Koi Tū: The Centre for Informed Futures

Amazing working with and having access to Koi Tū: The Centre for Informed Future’s thought leadership content.

Koi Tū: The Centre for Informed Futures is an independent and apolitical think tank and research centre based at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. We generate knowledge and tools to address critical long-term global and national challenges arising from rapid and far-reaching social, economic, technological and environmental change.

In this seminar, Koi Tū member Te Ahukaramū Charles Royal shared some of his ‘thinking in progress’ on the theme of intercultural capability – a suggested new way forward for cultural relations.

TO access the recording click here


Thank You

Looking forward to continuing the journey with you in 2022

To thank all our members, sponsors and vendors for their support during 2021, RIMS NZ & PI Chapter opted to gift trees as a token of our appreciation. We purchased a total of 163 trees from Trees That Count.

Thank you for your time, and sharing your stories and lived experience with us. We look forward to sharing this journey with you in the New Year. We have some really good content planned for 2022 – stay connected through our LinkedIn page and our website.

From Kerry, Kate, Alana and Megan

Special thanks to our sponsors




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